Association - Mission

The Solicitors and Enforcement Agents National Association

The Solicitors and Enforcement Agents National Association (OSAE), previously known as the Chamber of Solicitors, is a public law association, independent of the state bodies. Represents and regulates, under the terms of the law, the activity of Solicitors, Enforcement Agents and their professional companies. It also regulates the access and activity of the respective interns.

As a public association, it has the special task of guaranteeing citizens that its members fulfill the duties enshrined in the Statute (Decree-Law no. 88/2003, of 26 April, subsequent amendments, and Law no. 154/2015, September 14). This Association must also ensure that its associates enjoy the rights that are legally assigned to them.

The Association is a founding member of the National Council of Professional Associations (CNOP), also integrating the International Union of Judicial Officers (UIHJ) and the Committee of European Postulants.

OSAE members are obligatorily registered as beneficiaries in the Pension Fund of Lawyers and Solicitors (CPAS), electing members of their management and of the respective general council.

In 2002, OSAE was distinguished by the President of the Republic, Jorge Sampaio, with the title of Honorary Member of the Order of Merit.



- Collaborate in the administration of justice, proposing the legislative measures that considers appropriate for its proper functioning;
- Regulate the access and the exercise of the professions of Solicitor and Enforcement Agent;
- Assign the professional titles of Solicitor and Enforcement Agent, issuing the respective professional licenses;
- Prepare and update the professional register of its members;
- Prepare and approve internal regulations of associative and professional nature;
- Issue an opinion on the normative acts projects related to its attributions;
- Defend the general interests of the recipients of the services provided by its members;
- Watch over the social function, dignity and prestige of the profession, promoting the initial and continuous training of its members and the respect for ethical​​ values and principles;
- Defend the rights and interests of its members;
- Exercise disciplinary power over its members, when it is not legally assigned to other entities;
- Contribute to the relationship with the Bar Association and with other public and private associations in Portugal and abroad, being able to join international unions and federations;
- Promote the professional improvement of its members;
- Encourage the development of teaching relevant subjects for the exercise of professions;
- Develop or promote the development of informatic platforms and services that provide greater transparency, simplify the exercise of professions and operationalize the professional activities of the members;
- Protect professional titles, promoting the necessary and adequate measures for their defense against those who use them illegally;
- Promote cooperation and solidarity among its members;
- Provide, within the scope of its functions, the technical and scientific collaboration requested by any entities, public or private, when necessary;
- Participate in the official processes of accreditation and evaluation of courses that give access to the professions of Solicitor and Enforcement Agent;
- Recognize professional qualifications obtained outside Portugal, under the terms of the law, of european union law or international convention;
- Require the competent judicial authorities to close an office established under any legal form that provides third parties with services that include, even if isolated or marginally, the practice of the specific acts of lawyers and Solicitors.