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Jośe Carlos Resende

José Carlos Resende

President of the Solicitors and Enforcement Agents National Association.


Welcome to the official page of the Solicitors and Enforcement Agents National Association.

Our professional association is a “legal person under public law” whose main objective is to represent Solicitors and Enforcement Agents, regulating these two specialties, in order to ensure citizens a quality public service.

Solicitors are referred for the first time in our legislative texts, in the “Ordenações Manuelinas” in 1521. Over hundreds of years, they have essentially taken on the roles of prosecutors and agents of citizens and businesses or ensured public functions of judicial oversight, in the light of the european traditions of the english solicitor, tha french avoué or the spanish procurador.

Enforcement Agents were born, in Portugal, through the creation, in 2003, of the execution solicitador specialty, which reproduced the figure of the huissier de justice, a liberal professional disseminated in Europe, after the French Revolution.

Portuguese Solicitors started by organizing themselves in mutual aid associations, in the second half of the 19th century, in Lisbon and Porto, having been structured in 3 Chambers of Solicitors, in Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra, in 1927. Those three Chambers were unified in 1944. With the entry into force of the law no. 154/2015, of September 14, our public association changed its name to Solicitors and Enforcement Agents National Association, establishing a structure in two professional colleges.

The title of solicitador or enforcement agent can only be used by whom is registered as an associate in the Association.

This description is essential to remember that our Association results from a long tradition of services in Justice and for the Justice, associated with a professional and collective conscience of its members, which has been established over the decades. The members of this Professional Association are aware that their success depends on their ability to follow ethical and deontological standards, socially recognizable for quality and demand.

The Association and its members are also aware that the mastery of new technologies is essential for a good professional communication and for the provision of competent services. The Association's portal aims to be a site of everyone and for everyone, by allowing not only the contact with members, but also citizens, companies and institutions, informing about institutional and professional activity.

José Carlos Resende